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This Seminar had focused on techniques of representation using the state-of-the-art SCI-Arc Robot House. Architectural representation since the 1990’s privileged computer generated images. In this decade, the convergence of software and hardware offer new possibilities for aesthetic expression with tactile material outcomes. The seminar explores the role of maker, medium, and machine. During several experiences and different techniques While hands-on laboratory with airbrushing, painting, spraying, and sputtering on 2D and 3D surfaces in 4D real-time we have achieved stencil and rotation techniques. Work in this seminar focuses on additive processes with multi-axial, multi-robot motion paths that explore and exploit the aesthetic affect of anexact air and particle driven formats.

Collaboration with Ziba Esmailian, Suky Hu, Sergio Omachea, Nicole Violani, Jia Zhou Zhu.
Instructed by Devyn Wiser_Sci Arc Robot Lab_ Sp13.