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The focused had been on community housing design. Site is located on 10th and Spring down town Los Angeles and one of most high traffic streets of the town. Design process which had to introduce solutions to problems such as unit shapes and configuration, unit to unit relations, floor circulation and vertical circulation was created a challenging path. However to answer the problems the design had introduced some typical units which are placed individually or merged to create larger units or it had been adapted its shape to the plan grid system to create maximum usage of the space. The envelop of the building is designed based on the program and lighting need of the residences and also to create a fresh air flew in activity areas for them.

Collaboration with Roodbeh Mirzaee.
Instructed by Eric Carcamo_Sci Arc_Sp13.


diagram3 diagram2 diag1 (1) site plan plan1 plan2 section elev1 render3 render2