NY High Line Performing Art Center

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To have a performing art center in an alive city such as New York, and along an interactive passage such as its High Line, it is interesting how city and architecture would like to merge and negotiate together. This performing art center, not only is holding two main amphitheaters but also its one outdoor theater, were designed strategically to circulate people in the space vertically and create many different experiences throughout an amazing void space. The exterior crystal articulation was designed in a way that corresponds to its interior program, which not only graces the building in some areas, but also at some moments act as an aperture to introduce light to the interior spaces—or, when they get large enough, hold programs such as rehearsal spaces or music stations. This piece of architecture was designed with delicacy of NYC High Line, making this piece a part of visitors’ interacting with the space.

Collaboration with Sofya Lapina.
Instructed by Herwig Baumgartner_Sci Arc_Sp12.


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